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Covering the topic of divorce isn’t uncommon these days. However, divorce among baby boomers and seniors, is becoming epidemic. It is heartbreaking. At the turn of the century it was the acceptable norm for women to marry young and have an existence that pleased a husband, satisfied a household, and promoted her as a carrier of babies—many babies. During this time, great pride grew, as did the family. Today, women, particularly churched women, who have married fairly young are getting divorced after twenty-five, thirty, or forty years. What does a co-dependent woman, who has given her all to her husband and family, do during and after such a great fall? Designed to provide answers, steps, and encouragement, Single For The First Time explains the spiritual and natural problems that are likely to pop up, how to recognize them and what to do about them. Also, this book approaches the spiritual position an older divorcee must take for the sake of her survival and quality of life. Importantly, once the fifty-year old divorcee understands her fault and her lack of preparation for the unthinkable, it is likely that she’ll achieve a fruitful, healed life of her own, naturally and spiritually.