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Natalie "Nhat" Crawford is a freelance professional writer and editor who enjoys both fiction and non-fiction work. She specializes in and finds fulfillment in taking on Ghostwriting tasks for public speakers, new authors, instructors and businessmen/women.

When I indited my first ghost project, I knew this was the career change I was looking for. I loved it! The author was quite pleased and promptly passed more of his book ideas and notes my way to begin yet another transformation.”

Natalie writes for those who have no idea about how a book is written, edited, researched or published. Interchangeably, there are many people who simply don’t have the time to write extensively, or have too many projects on the table. They too can benefit from Nhat Crawford’s collaborative services.

“I offer professional faith to ensure your identity as the author, unless we have agreed on co-authorship. However, as long as it is your complete idea and creativity, it is your work and you get full recognition and rights!”

Natalie has been writing and editing for the better part of twenty years and has worked as a certified Paralegal specializing in research and legal writing. Suggestions for improvements; proofreading; editing; clarifying what the author means to say and maintaining personal voice, are just some of the services that you can expect when you allow Natalie to write your story or blog for you.

“There is nothing like the power of the written word and creative prose. Don’t let yourself fall short because of lack of know-how. Hire a helping hand—a Ghostwriter’s hand—to see you through to a completed project. All of your research and creativity can be put to print for the enjoyment and benefit of others before you know it!”

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